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CARB Advisory 405-B PDF Print E-mail

Please be advised that, effective immediately and due to the Governor’s request for the early release of winter blend gasoline in California, gasoline station operators may clear In-Station Diagnostics alarms associated with system overpressure listed in CARB Advisory 405B dated December 27, 2011. 

Please note that this notice only serves to allow for early implementation of Advisory 405B “Response to Winter Season ISD Pressure Alarms”.  All other provisions of the advisory must be followed by operators and contractors.

Advisory 405B can be downloaded at:


Future of EVR Program PDF Print E-mail

Please see the link below to view and download the California Air Resources Board presentations to be given at the upcoming public workshop December 7 in the San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District's Fresno office. 

The presentation links are found under the “Future of EVR Program” heading. 





Gasoline Vapor Recovery Upcoming Workshops PDF Print E-mail



Please be advised that the California Air Resources Board will be holding a series of workshops statewide in the coming weeks to discuss the future of gasoline vapor recovery in California.  Please visit the link below to view the notice and workshop details.  All operators, contractors, and other interested parties are encouraged to attend one of the workshops by phone or in-person.




Gasoline Vapor Recovery Forms for Operators Updated PDF Print E-mail

The following operation and maintenance forms for gasoline dispensing facility operators within the jurisdiction of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District have been added or updated at www.valleyair.org:


·         Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Self-Inspection forms for Aboveground and Underground Tank Operations

·         Annual Self-Inspection form for the Franklin Fueling PV-Zero Valve

·         Daily Repair Log

·         In-Station Diagnostics Alarm and Maintenance/Repair Log

·         Semi-Annual Bulk Plant Leak Inspection form


Current lists of certified gasoline vapor recovery test companies and installation and maintenance contractors known to serve the San Joaquin Valley have also been added.  Certified individuals or companies wishing to be added to one of these lists or listed parties wishing to update their information may contact Dillon Collins at 209-557-6400.


Please visit the following link to print or download self-inspection forms and other documents:  Gasoline Vapor Recovery



Reminder to GDF operators and vapor recovery contractors PDF Print E-mail

This message is to serve as a reminder to GDF operators and vapor recovery contractors that the allowance provided in CARB Advisory 405-B that operators may clear ISD alarms associated with system over pressurization due to winter gasoline blends expired as of March 1, 2012. 


As of March 1, operators must not clear any ISD alarms.  Operators must call for service on ISD warning or failure alarms and a certified technician must perform appropriate troubleshooting and repair prior to clearing alarms. 


Please contact a SJVAPCD gasoline vapor recovery compliance staff member with questions.


Bakersfield- (661) 392-5500

Fresno- (559) 230-6000

Modesto- (209) 557-6400



 On September 26, 2008, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued Approval letter 08-04a that required every gasoline station in California with underground storage tanks to be equipped with Husky Model 5885 pressure/vacuum (P/V) vent valves by May 31, 2012.

What does this mean? It means if you have a Husky 4885 or OPW 623 P/V valve it needs to be replaced with a new certified valve by May 31, 2012. Currently, the Husky 5885 and the Franklin Fueling Systems PV-Zero are the only certified replacement P/V valves for your system and as of June 1st they will be the only ones allowed for use. How can you tell which P/V valve you have? Below are pictures of the Husky 5885 and PV-Zero. The Husky 5885 has a yellow sticker on the side that reads “EVR APPROVED”. If your P/V valve does not look like one of the pictures below, then you need to replace your existing P/V valve by May 31, 2012. Note: You must obtain an Authority to Construct from the District prior to installing an FFS PV-Zero valve.

Husky 5885 or FFS PV-Zero

If you do not have one of the above P/V valves, please contact your gasoline equipment maintenance contractor to have your existing P/V valve replaced. If you have any questions about the information contained in this bulletin, please contact a gasoline vapor recovery staff member at one of the District’s regional offices.

2011 Enhanced Vapor Recovery Self-Inspection Calendar for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities PDF Print E-mail

2011 Enhanced Vapor Recovery Self-Inspection Calendar for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities




Please feel free to order these calendars for all your gas stations. 

This Calendar provides: Information on how to conduct a self-inspection of a gasoline dispensing facility's Enhanced Vapor Recovery Equipment, check off lists, contact information, pictures, and diagrams showing the vapor recovery equipment, definitions, and links to other information.

See ordering information below or click on the calendar link above to view online. If you would like a printed version please contact; Sally Su at 916-327-7211. You may also download form the link above.


California Air Resources Board Enforcement Division Compliance Assistance Program PO Box 2815, Sacramento, CA 95812 Telephone: 916.327.7211 or Toll Free: 800.952.5588

Online: www.arb.ca.gov/cap/cap.htm


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