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VST SRM-style Nozzle Availability and Core Value PDF Print E-mail
Since VST’s last SRM-style nozzle Product Bulletin UPDATE (dated 9.29.10), VST has made great progress towards addressing the regulatory and market needs for this technology: An EVR Balance nozzle, inclusive of a hold-open latch, with a Secondary Release Mechanism.
VST is:

1. Caught up on ALL back-order demands that have been placed against us.

2. Back to our normal shipment schedule of 1 to 2 days from receipt of order.

3. Extending the $105.00 Enhanced Core Value Program for a limited time.

         a. Although VST’s Product Bulletin (9.29.10) stated that the Enhanced Core
             Value Program would expire on January 31, 2011, VST is
             offering a Limited Time Extension.

         b. Limited Time Extension:
  • In order to allow VST Distribution some time to collect, organize, package and ship theVST nozzle cores, VST will honor the $105.00 enhanced core value (eligible VST cores)on shipments that are en route from VST Distribution no later than February 28, 2011.
  •  VST recommends contacting your VST Distributor of choice so as to not miss their last $105.00 nozzle core shipment back to VST.
  •  For nozzle cores shipped after February 28, 2011, please contact your VST Distributor for the allowable core credit.
VST extends our thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding.

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